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Ciara Houghton is currently available for fine-art commissions and illustration jobs. Her proficiency across a number of mediums and

About the Artist

styles allows uncommon freedom in working with the client to choose the approach most appropriate to a given project. Her work may currently be found on nationally distributed product packaging for the General Pencil Company and on the cover of The Captain’s Door. Her art has appeared in print and online magazines, the official lore of the MassiveCraft gaming community, and within a feature for Imagine FX magazine. Expect clear communication, affordable rates, and a devoted attention to craftsmanship.

Why I paint and draw. At one point I considered myself a fiction writer and a poet, but I tried taking art seriously because 

Artist’s Statement

it looked like fun, and I was curious to see if I could pull it off. I later kept making art because it’s the best way I’ve found to pursue the creative process, without which I’d likely be terribly depressed, lacking self-confidence, and disengaged from the world. I need to create something and visual art gives me everything writing ever provided, plus feedback is more plentiful and immediate, an idea can be well explored in a single sitting, and the tools are much cooler (if a bit more expensive).

My vision. While I still explore ideas, I’ve stopped doing so intentionally. Earlier, I mentioned depression, self-confidence, and engagement. Well, now I entertain myself with art and that gives me something enjoyable to do and anticipate daily. I strengthen my self-confidence by improving my technical ability. And, lastly, I connect to the world through my creativity. I’m somewhat naturally disconnected from my emotions, but they are down there and they’re fierce. Art helps me process without becoming overwhelmed.

My intention. In summary, I pursue whatever I feel like drawing or painting in order to feel better about myself and make sense of my world. Sometimes people connect with what I have made in a deeply personal way–sometimes they just think it’s pretty or cool. Either is fantastic, but this is still primarily a selfish pursuit, and the way I go about making art draws distinctions between my own work and that of a fine artist, just as it does between me and a commercial artist. When it comes to art, I’m neither a philosopher nor a businesswoman.

In short. I pursue visual art because I love to draw and paint, it allows me an endless opportunity for self-improvement, I get to spend time with subjects that interest me, and I can easily share what I create with others. It’s every bit as simple and wonderful as that.

In addition to visual art, she enjoys fiction writing, photography, old cameras, cycling, and tea. The artist lives in Connecticut with her wife, also an artist, and their heterochromic dog.

About Ciara Herself

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  • Send a direct message on Deviant Art, Twitter, or Instagram. These work, but I may not notice them as quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What work are you currently accepting?

Paintings or drawings for publication: I am accepting projects intended for publication. Examples include everything from album covers and packaging to standalone print or online illustrations. Greatly reduced rates may be available for the right project. Please do ask.

Larger projects intended for publication: I am accepting projects intended for publication, small or large. A good example would be an illustrated book. Very competitive rates will be offered.

Anything in the shop: If it is offered in the shop, I’m ready to work on it. This includes the art trading cards.

To get started, please contact me directly, explain what you are looking for, and we’ll go from there. I’m looking forward to it!

What kind of work are you currently NOT accepting?

Paintings or drawings for personal use: I am not currently accepting paid commissions for personal use. Examples include paintings or drawings of loved ones, a celebrity, or a character.

Will you draw me?

I might!

First off, thank you for asking–the fact that you’re interested in that really means a lot to me! Unfortunately, I’m not taking any requests or even paid personal-use commissions right now. That said, you might try the app Sktchy (entirely free). Lots of artists there. You post photos and other members look through those photos when they want something to draw. They then share the results in the app. I’m on there as well, though I have a very long queue of photos at the moment. Still, if you join, tag @ciara houghton and I’ll look at your photos.

Whether working on a new piece or just sketching, I’m probably using a reference from Sktchy. So, post there, tag me, and I just may end up drawing you after all.

Do you post information on pricing or should I contact you directly?

Once you contact me we can discuss the specifics of the project and determine the pricing. Aside from the items in my shop, nothing is really fixed. I am particularly interested in working on projects where I am confident that the end result will be a published work. I may be ready to offer considerable discounts in such cases because they align with my interests and goals.

That said, my pricing is generally consistent with the lower end of the Graphic Artist Guild’s Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines (PEG)